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6 Fascinating Facts of Melatonin

6 Fascinating Facts of Melatonin

Many individuals are aware that melatonin is a hormone that promotes sleep, and only some of us need to get convinced that sleep is really important when it comes to our health and welfare. Indeed, together with regular bowel movements, sleep, length and must be on the top of the list for any person concerned with health! Here, the role of Melatonin is extremely important, and there may be lots you are unaware regarding this wonder hormone.

Magnesium: The Miracle Mineral in Arthritis!

One out of five of us usually experience a low-magnesium health problem presently: sleep troubles, joint and muscle pain, anxiety, depression, constipation to name a few. Here at HealthDiva, you’ll get to know the real importance of “Magnesium”.
Majority of us are critically short of this essential nutrient, so much so that this insufficiency plays a key role in almost every health problem as well as chronic disorders, ranging from joint pain, muscle pain, headaches, cramps, stress, tension, poor sleep… heart problems, diabetes, stroke and even anxiety and mood changes. It’s completely essential for overall health and well-being.
Every time we sweat, we lose this vital nutrient, or every time we get strained, we use it up…. every time we consume sugar or take in any medicine, these need magnesium to be processed… so overall, most of us are chronically lacking in Magnesium.