From dry eyes to thorny skin- 5 signals you require Omega 7

From dry eyes to thorny skin

5 signals you require Omega 7


Yes, omega 7 – the essential fatty acid nobody speaks about – is indispensable if you’re suffering from dry eyes, mouth or skin. Undoubtedly you must have heard enough about omega-3 fatty acids, those essential fats that your bodies find unable to make on their own; are the major keys to brain and heart health. More often, we’re told that omega 3s are obtained from oily fish or flaxseeds. Even you may have heard of omega 6 present in eggs, poultry, walnut oils or sunflower or omega 9 fats found in cashews, avocados, or pecans and more common in your diets.

But there’s one set of fundamental fats that are hardly ever discussed about but remain enormously vital to our bodies’ working. Omega-7 unsaturated fatty acids are present in fishes namely anchovy and salmon, as well as certain oils such as olive and macadamia. Omega 7 fats, in addition, occur in high amounts in Sea buckthorn oil which is obtained from a shrub flourishing in sandy coasts. Sea buckthorn seeds, the orange berries are composed of an extensive range of vital nutrients, markedly omega-7 fatty acids, in conjunction with omega 3s, polyphenols as well as beta-carotene.

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The nutrients present in this magical oil are important for the health of the body’s mucous membranes, whose purpose is to assist a good lubrication of your eyes, mouth, skin, and intimate areas. Also, they exert excellent anti-inflammatory effects, thus helping with hay fever and the signs of common cold like flowing nose and eyes. The beta carotene present in it is great for immune function too. Also, let me tell you that Sea buckthorn contains profuse amounts of omega-3 fatty acids which make it just well for vegans to consume who don’t eat fatty fish. People tend to concentrate on omega 3 extracted from fish oil hence they aren’t aware of the other omegas, including omega 3 and 7 from Sea buckthorn oil, that are just as superior and are appropriate for vegans.

Lots of research have been done on “SEA BUCKTHORN” and have confirmed that supplementing with Sea buckthorn oil could help ease the following signs specifically.

Dry skin

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Essential fats including omega 3 and 7 are vital for the production of collagen and Sea buckthorn particularly, when applied to the skin or consumed via oral route, can definitely help in retaining the hydrating power of skin. In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties of Sea buckthorn oil are of great help to lessen skin conditions including dermatitis, eczema as well as psoriasis. Also, it is highly recommended for red skin conditions like sunburn and rosacea. And as it supports the mucous membranes so well, it can also assist in decreasing the incidence of mouth ulcers. Also various studies have demonstrated its beneficial effects on skin dryness from radiotherapy. In addition, after using the supplement externally you may observe a considerable improvement on your skin and lips as Omega 7 offers a natural barrier to keep moisture retained on the skin.

Dry or red eyes

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It’s noted that approximately 30% of individuals aged 50 and over has become a victim of dry eyes. And we will notice that most of the victims have been using blue-light emitting screens present in computers, tablets, smart phones, as well as TVs and that’s the major reason behind the issue of dry eyes. Also an increased use of contact lens can contribute to dry eyes. The signs of dry eyes include dryness and pain in the eyes, hazy vision, redness, burning and watery eyes.

Vaginal dryness

The significance of omega 7 fatty acids in maintaining the lubrication of intimate areas is a well kept secret in the natural healthcare system. Here, Sea buckthorn supplements have shown a great help in evading the feelings of dryness and irritation in the urinary system and genitals. This is predominantly important as intimate dryness may bring about a painful intercourse and loss of libido, particularly in females. Vaginal dryness is a key sign of the menopause. As the levels of oestrogen fall down, females experience a decrease or a pause in the natural lubrication brought about by this hormone. This can be relieved by Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), on the other hand, not all females can – nor wish to – opt for this.

Dry mouth

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Image result for healthdiva sea buckthorn Dry mouth has an influence on roughly 40% of adults, including mostly females and elderly groups. Even though it can be a sign of a salivary gland dysfunction, it can also be a side-effect of stress and some drugs including antidepressants. Sea buckthorn can improve the signs of dry mouth, with research demonstrating a progress in the signs after supplementation. This is particularly vital as saliva is crucial for cleaning the mouth. If dry mouth occurs for a long while, it may result in a build-up of food debris, dental plaque and greater risk of tooth decay and gum ailments.

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