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Health is measured as the supreme asset and “Liver” plays a key role in sustaining complete health and strength. Liver functions as a silent guard for all of us. Less often we realize that this resilient organ functions overtime, calls for slight attention, and fundamentally ensures our body functions similar to a clock! Liver is also considered to be a vital organ for detoxification processes. It becomes very essential to detoxify or treat the body organs when toxins get accumulated in the liver because of poor eating habits, usage of too many medications or excessive intake of liquor. Thus treatment of your body by employing herbs is the safest approach to ensure proper healing from diseases that deteriorates your body functioning.


Here is a quick rundown presented by HEALTHDIVA on why liver care is vital and how!

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Liver is basically a huge storehouse for your body. Whatever nutrients your body requires for survival, this organ deposits them over time and releases them in times of emergency, when you are exercising, or taking any juice to fit back into your earlier outfits! Liver is the savings account of your body that helps you in times of recession! Needless to say, the healthier and better you eat; the healthier stuff your liver will store!

Preservation of Blood Glucose Levels: We would have had a truly difficult time in maintaining our blood glucose levels, without liver. What does liver do? Liver basically works by converting blood glucose into glycogen for storage and afterwards releases it at intervals between workouts and meals. If not properly regulated, irregular blood glucose levels can damage your organs in no time.

Fatty Fat: Are you aware of the fact that the liver is your body’s fat processing plant? All edible fats are processed in the liver and either stored, if present in excess amount, or consumed, as energy to execute our day-to-day activities.


Excessive consumption of alcohol may cause liver damage. It is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For this, you must exercise on a regular basis. There should be no alternatives for regular exercise. If you need your liver to function normally, you must find time for your exercise. Also, find an exercise that suits you the best, but remember not to overexert. Always remember the healthier your body is, the better it will be for your liver to process toxins. So, there’s a need to detox your liver. When you will find your internal system getting cleansed or detoxed, you will definitely notice a glow on your skin!

Nowadays, a very popular liver disorder is running, FATTY LIVER; and it is more hazardous than you might know. “If your doctor says you have a fatty liver and suggesting you to evade from fat”, so just think by yourself “Are foods containing high fats the culprit here? Fatty liver is a hazardous, however misinterpreted illness, and has been shown to affect millions of people worldwide. Fatty liver factually signifies that your liver gets filled with fat, paving the path for any long-term illness and inflammation. I am sure you will be shocked to know the primary culprit behind occurrence of fatty liver problem. A study shows that carbs (and not fat) produce more fat in your liver and belly. Sugar causes the production of fat in your liver, leading to an internal progression known as lipogenesis, which refers to your body’s normal response to sugar. Fructose, the most harmful sugar that heads directly to your liver, actually leads to lipogenesis. That clarifies why sugar, in particular fructose, becomes the chief reason behind this liver disorder and the primary reason for liver transplants.

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Now let’s see what’s so bad about suffering from fatty liver? Well, among its various consequences consist of inflammation, which elicits pre-diabetes as well as insulin resistance, meaning your body deposits fat in your liver and body organs together with your belly (known as visceral fat). The illness gets worse. Too much starch and sugar causes more severe issues such as low HDL (“good” cholesterol), high triglycerides, and high LDL levels (hazardous cholesterol particles that lead to heart attacks). In addition to this, fatty liver enhances the risk for your heart attack. ALAS!! Many people don’t have any idea that they are suffering from this fatty liver. You must be aware of the fact that when you eat the right fats, you enhance your metabolism, stimulate fat burning and reduce appetite. Now if you want to prevent or reverse fatty liver, you must cut down processed carbs from your diet and enhance the intake of healthy fat, particularly saturated – yes, saturated fats which are obtained from healthy food products such as coconut or white processed flour or whole grain flour (these are known to enhance your blood sugar levels, creating a stress on your liver resulting in high triglycerides, which stimulates fatty liver). You must add in liver-healing food products such as low-sugar fruit, leafy vegetables (Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, and kale), chicken, fish, nuts, seeds, good, healthy fats like macadamia nut oil, olive oil, avocados, coconut oil or fish oil, garlic and onions. You must go for exercise daily which will definitely improve insulin resistance and decreases C:\Users\Delhi Nutraceuticals\Desktop\1_15.png the risk of fatty liver.


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