All about the Benefits of MACA!

All about the Benefits of MACA!

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Maca is not essentially an herb, indeed it is a root vegetable originating from South America. Peruvian Maca is most universally what you may locate in a health food store nowadays. A Maca root capsule is just great for its therapeutic effects and is a well-researched Superfood formula. A Maca supplement in the capsule form is just quite useful for those who are experiencing hormonal disturbances often and ensures a regular daily dosing for attaining the desired effects.

What actually is Maca?

There are a number of different variations of Maca, ranging in color from white, yellow, orange, red, purple, and black – each having their own exclusive biological properties. Yet, the yellow variety is the most common cultivar.

The botanical name of Maca is Lepidium meyenii or Lepidium peruvianum and belongs to the similar plant family as cabbage, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts. Maca has a similar exterior as radishes with a green top and roots that range in color from white to purple. Often, the root is harvested, dried as well as powdered.

Maca is a root vegetable derived from the broccoli family that has a similar appearance to a turnip. Maca root health benefits include being rich in anti-oxidants together with essential vitamins and minerals, which assist a reduction in free radical damage, a key factor involved in the development of chronic disease. Also, Maca is a well known herb for its activity as a ‘natural adaptogen’, meaning it does not simply exert only one effect on the body. Rather, it adapts to the body requirements, meaning that making use of Maca for health remains tremendously versatile and safe.

Maca’s Top 10 Health Benefits

Improved nutrition profile

Maca root is an outstanding source of carbs, fibers, amino acids (including all 8 essential ones) as well as fatty acids. It is also found to be rich in mineral content such as iron, copper, zinc, manganese, sodium, potassium, calcium, as well as niacin, vitamin C, and riboflavin. Also, there’s a range of phytonutrients which adds to its wide-range of efficacious pharmacological activities.


Antioxidant modulation is a major advantage of taking a Maca supplement. It has the potential to scavenge the harmful free radicals and guard the cells against damage. The MCTA, Polyphenols and polysaccharides present in Maca are thought to be accountable for this noteworthy antioxidant property, which is measured as more potent as compared to vitamin E.

Stress management and a Memory Booster

Maca is an adaptogens, meaning that it has the potential to lessen down the effects of stress, counting with the prevention of augmented levels of cortisol, adrenal size and feelings of fatigue. Also, Maca exerts a positive impact on a person’s mood, energy and stamina, without the getting the jitters connected with a caffeine hit. Research studies have demonstrated that Maca root benefits the overall memory and focus as well.

Improved Mood

If you are feeling down in the dumps, Maca is just good to put that spring in your step again! Maca root is composed of some natural fatty acids helpful in supporting your mood and general brain health. In other words, it just acts as a natural alternative to cognitive-enhancement medications. Taking Maca Root is just perfect if you are searching for a natural way in order to stabilize your problem-solving skills, mental function and rational thinking. Omega 3 fatty acids (found in Maca Root) are known to relieve the cognitive symptoms such as anxiety, depression and stress.

Improved sexual health

There is a long history of use of Maca as a natural aphrodisiac and a sexual stimulant. Research studies have found that supplementing with Maca results in a significant increase in sexual power (by up to 45.0%); sexual function, particularly with an increase in libido and orgasm. Maca has also shown useful effects in men with issues of erectile dysfunction. Maca has been associated with an increase in general as well as a sexual well-being.

Improved fertility

A lot of variants of Maca seem to boost the reproductive function, particularly the Black Maca. In men, treatment with a Maca supplement over 4 months resulted in an enhanced production of sperm, an augmented seminal volume, improved motile sperm count, as well as improved sperm motility. Maca extract has also been found to exhibit an effective oestrogenic activity by augmenting the levels of luteinising hormone which is necessary for ovulation.

The Health Benefits of Maca on your Hormones

A Healthy Prostate

You must not be aware of the fact that, the risk of prostate cancer in men enhances with their growing age. Men above the age of 50 years must go for a routine prostate check-up, since they are at higher risk. In addition, supplementing your diet with Maca Root Capsules wouldn’t hurt either. Maca benefits the prostate health, on the whole.

Red Maca has been found to successfully shrink the inflamed prostate, Yellow Maca had very little effect and Black Maca had none at all (all are the observations from research studies). Maca has been long used to prevent prostate cancer from even occurring. Yet again, since Maca is appropriate for balancing the hormone levels in the body, and prostate cancer is a hormonal type of cancer, it supports a cancer free environment while sustaining healthy hormonal levels.

Relief in the Menopausal symptoms

Research studies have found Maca to lighten a range of menopausal symptoms, including hot flushes, anxiety, night sweats, fatigue, as well as headaches. Maca has been found to significantly lower down the psychological symptoms, including anxiety, depression as well as irritability. Also, it has been found that Maca greatly improves the measures of sexual dysfunction when it was compared to a placebo.

Lipid and glucose metabolism

Administering a concentrated dose of Maca to the subjects not only improved their antioxidant profile, but also considerably reduced the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the liver as well as a lowered blood sugar, assisting to check the development of chronic illness. In postmenopausal females, there was a considerable reduction in the diastolic blood pressure; high blood pressure is well thought-out as an important risk factor for the occurrence of a cardiovascular disorder.

Feel More Active

Do you get up feeling a little blah? Do you often find yourself fatigued just within a few hours within the day? A lot of people who take Maca on a daily basis say they feel more awake, attentive, and full of spark and have a bit more gusto for their lives. On the other hand, stay alert that Maca can offer you with the positive attributes that coffee can, but without those nasty caffeine jitters. Studies have found that Maca helps to alleviate blood sugar levels, which expels out the chances of energy spikes and dips. Moreover, it helps to take care of your adrenal health, which is significant to balance mood and energy during the day.

Where to buy and use Maca? Up to this point, you’re perhaps thinking: “Where can I buy Maca from?”

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Thanks to its rising status, Maca will soon be available on HealthDiva; you can make your orders online that is, at your doorstep; you no longer need to rush or stand in long queues at chemist stores or pharmacies. It will be typically present in the form of bioavailable capsule, which is of high-quality and 100% pure…