Tribulus Terrestris Extract - 30 Capsules

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Tribulus Terrestris Extract - 30 Capsules
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Tribulus Terrestris – Natural Health Supplement – Provides an Instant Boost of Energy – An Effectual Testosterone & Sperm Count Booster – Increases Fertility in Females – Herb with steroidal saponins that exerts a positive effect on sexual drive and testosterone levels. In addition, the supplement is 100% vegetarian and free from any kind of binders, fillers, or allergens.

Key Features:

  • HEALTHDIVA TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS FOR ENHANCED LIBIDO & VITALITY: helps you promote testosterone production, boost blood circulation, enhance libido and stamina, supports effective reproductive health, supports cell repair and cell growth as well as builds muscle strength. This herbal supplement may also be favourable for athletic performance.
  • IMPROVE YOUR LIBIDO AND STAMINA NOW! Don’t compromise your health by making use of cheap products of disputed quality. Choose the very effective and pure 40% standardized extract with maximum results, Tribulus Terrestris 250 mg capsule.

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Tribulus terrestris is an annual flowering plant which belongs from the caltrop family and is distributed all around the world. In ancient times, this herb was used to improve cardiovascular health (treating high blood pressure), to improve urogenital health and to treat various eye problems, to manage poor appetite as well. The active compounds present in Tribulus terrestris are steroidal saponins – furostanol and spirostane. Also, protodioscin is the major bioactive present in the root extract of this herb and observed as the active muscle-building compound. Tribulus is a favourite herb in many male health supplements as a testosterone booster as well as libido enhancer. If you are suffering from low libido or testosterone levels, Tribulus terrestris is just great to help you resume your physical power. Also, the herb is known to potentially improve the quantity and quality of sperm.

Apart from making better one’s health, people use this herb to improve their athletic performance and provide libido an added push. Here are a few health benefits you could attain from this herb:

  • Augments Muscle Strength and Body Composition: The supplementation with Tribulus terrestris helps augment strength and lean muscle mass – irrespective of your age.
  • Natural Libido Booster: Low sex drive is one of the countless problems both males and females experience in bed. Again research studies have shown that the fruits of Tribulus terrestris work as an aphrodisiac and helps with low libido issues. And males with low sperm count documented a notable improvement in their physical health in comparison to males in the placebo group.
  • Testosterone Booster: Tribulus acts by enhancing the levels of Luteinizing hormone, which causes a transmission of signals throughout the body in order to start producing the testosterone. In addition, it comprises of steroidal saponins as well as glycosides that exert slight androgenic effects on the body.

Tribulus supplementation shows a marked increase in the androgen receptor immunoreactivity, as a result, causing a modification in the androgen signalling. This brings about an increase in the Nitric Oxide Synthase or NOS and a successive increase in the production of nitric oxide. However, Tribulus terrestris considerably affect your testosterone in a good way. As males begin to age, the production of testosterone begins declining in their bodies. In order to enhance the levels of testosterone, people opt for testosterone replacement therapies, testosterone shots, or other means that accompany a number of adverse effects.

Tribulus terrestris is thus one of the most distinguished and established supplements to boost the testosterone levels and improve libido in males. When it comes to male enhancement power, Tribulus terrestris is the first name you will always hear. It is nowadays a popular herbal supplement, helping with your muscle production, improving your testosterone levels and libido, augmenting your physical performance, as well as recovering your overall health and wellness. It also helps with erectile dysfunction (male impotence), which is something you could gain benefits from, particularly when under stress or in the later years of your life.

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