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Becoz, Her Health Matters!!

Health and well-being becomes the top-most priority when any female turns 40 – and she starts to wish to lose that extra flab (weight) or start wishing to feel good again. Females in this age characteristically are exceedingly comfy with their skin, more positive in decision making power and more upright in their overall lives (as compared to their 20s and 30s).

There are a huge number of changes that comes in a female’s body after the age of 40, because of slow metabolism, hormonal changes, bone and muscle loss as well as failing joints. But these swings don’t have to make you go sluggish. HEALTHDIVA quickly enlist some health tips for women to carry on looking and feeling your best into your 4th millennium and further than that too.

Balance your diet:

Balance is “THE KEY” in an over-age-40 diet in addition to shortening the intake of junk and processed food products. Restricting any one food group – proteins, carbs or fats – is never ever a good idea. Always a healthy balance is essential for complete health, appropriate energy and vigour as well as muscle strength. A healthy diet is composed of 55% carbs (including rice, sweet potatoes, barley or oatmeal), 27% proteins (eggs, chicken, beef or fish, almonds, yoghurt); along with 18 percent healthy fats (avocado, cheese, extra virgin olive oil and nuts). Also, don’t forget to include raw vegetables, such as broccoli, celery, cucumbers, or carrots as well as fruits (watermelon, red grapefruit, raspberries, orange, strawberries, and passion fruit) in your diet: they will help you stay hydrated. 

Make exercise a priority:

Regular exercise plays a key role in each and every aspect of health. Exercise is particularly important after the age of 40 for metabolism support (which plays a significant role in weight management), emotional health and wellness (which also directly correlates with physical health) and hormonal balance. One should always set a goal of exercising at least one and a half hour per day.

Hop on good joint health:

If you discover that higher impact activities like running, jumping a rope or squats don’t feel as good as they were once, and then BLAME comes to your connective tissues. As the time passes, your joints become less elastic, resulting in stiffness and uneasiness that can have a bad impact on not just exercise, but movement on the whole. HealthDiva has a solution to your problem: you must switch your heavy cardio movements with lower-impact exercises such as dancing, swimming, walking or biking. Also, it is recommended to add any natural herb or glucosamine supplement to your daily regimen.

Manage your stress levels:

Regardless of her life stage – daughter, mother, or a grandmother; she repeatedly puts on many hats and handles loads of stress and pressure. “Take a few minutes day after day just to relax and get hold of your insight back again”. Also, you can deal with stress using some relaxation techniques, exercises or meditation.

Focus on your posture:

For improving your posture, start off practicing body wakefulness – mentally ensuring your posture all through the day. Sit or stand tall with your shoulders down and your back held up (if in sitting position) aligned with a back rest preferably.

Give yourself a dare:

If not now…then when? Let me ask you a question, have you always wished to perform ballroom or ballet dancing; kickboxing or karate? Then, why not now; try them you will feel great. Give new things, in particular, physical activities – a try. Start challenging your mind and muscles; believe or not these may be just what you always wished for.

There’s an old saying, beauty comes from within; but feeling alluring from outside can aid in fostering your self-worth and confidence. HealthDiva present some top beauty tips for women for freshening up their routine and helping them live their most confident & cheerful life.

You can use green tea supplements, this helps in decreasing swelling and stiffening your skin; also you can have green tea capsules for getting rid of your frustrating dark circles; overall green tea is a MIRACLE FOR YOUR SKIN.

It’s the perfect time to rejoice! You (or the women in your life) ultimately have a wonderful excuse to pamper yourself. LADIES, now is the time to shine!! Follow these basic beauty tips to keep yourself looking bright and young!!

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