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The Power of Artichokes!!

The Power of Artichokes!!

The Power of Artichokes!!

Artichoke has a long history of use as a digestive tonic. Modern research studies have established that Artichoke helps to promote healthy digestive function via its capability to promote standard bile flow as well as fat digestion. Additionally, Artichoke is composed of flavonoids (including apigenin as well as luteolin) that have been found to promote a healthy vascular system. Chiefly, the plant can be used for proper working of the digestive system (including liver, stomach, as well as gallbladder). Artichoke is thought to promote particular digestive juices whose task it is to break up fats found in the food, making them easier to digest; predominantly after heavy meals. Artichoke also works well for bowel regularity.

Artichoke Extract is a high-quality extract of globe artichoke (Cynara scolymus) leaves, standardized to 5% cynarin, the active phytochemical compound in it. Artichoke is nothing but a large, perennial plant that belongs to the family, daisy and is indigenous to southern Europe as well as cultivated in countries adjoining the Mediterranean basin and the midcoastal areas of California. It generates purple-green edible flower buds with triangular scales as well as a fleshy base called the “heart.” Its leaves, stems, as well as roots, even though bitter in taste, can also be consumed or dried in order to form nutritional supplements. Artichoke leaves are composed of active principle, named cynarin, a known antioxidant and a phenolic acid compound. Artichoke is known to enclose a broad group of bioactive compounds such as apigenin, inulin, luteolin, cynaroside (luteolin-7-O-glucoside), as well as the caffeoylquinic acids including cynarin and chlorogenic acid. In actual fact, a number of signs connect with the health benefits of Artichoke resulting from the convergence of lots of actives irrespective of the effects of just one.

Key benefits:

Traditionally, Artichoke was used by ancient Greeks, Egyptians, as well as Romans as both a food source as well as to promote a healthy liver, digestive and skin health. Artichoke has been found beneficial in a number of health areas including liver support, bile production, as well as cardiovascular strength.

Bile Protection and Liver Support

Artichoke is frequently known as a promoter of bile formation, in other words, the leaf extract of Artichoke has been identified to promote the production of bile acids as well as helps in the lipid digestion.

The activity of this herb on the liver starts with bile, but it definitely doesn’t end there. Artichoke assists in the protection of the liver from several toxic chemicals like carbon tetrachloride as well as peroxides. The health benefits of Artichoke on liver are often credited to the antioxidant action of the flavonoids like luteolin and apigenin as well as caffeoylquinic acid phenolic compounds.

Cardiovascular health

Artichoke is helpful for inhibiting the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and augments the beneficial levels of HDL (good) cholesterol.  In addition, Artichoke is constituted with antioxidants, flavonoids (including luteolin and apigenin) that have been found to support a healthy vascular system.

There have also been established effects of Artichoke on the cholesterol health owing to the active principle, luteolin. However, a solid data establishes the role of chlorogenic acid in the lipid metabolism as well.

Other research studies suggest that the leaf extract of Artichoke has been found to support the cardiovascular health by means of regulatory processes of the endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) gene. This gene plays a key role in the production of nitric oxide and is methodically associated with the health of blood vessels as well as their robustness.

Other Benefits

Chlorogenic acid and cynarin are the two active compounds present in Artichoke extract. Chlorogenic acid exerts a positive impact on the glucose levels in the body in those already within standard range and supports a healthy body weight. The compound cynarin, supports the process of digestion and sustains the levels of cholesterol already within a healthy range.

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