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Black Cohosh Your Friend in Menopause Signs!

Black Cohosh Your Friend in Menopause Signs!

It’s Natural…
Just as the beginning of menstrual cycle is a natural process, in the similar way is its end.
It is a natural process, not an illness actually.
The signs that crop up with menopause must be assisted, by means of natural ways (not hormones).
A systemic approach is quite preferred these days, in particular, the use of healthy nutrition as well as supplements.
A female’s body’s hormonal system is delicately balanced and must not be disturbed.
Commonly termed as menopausal signs, these occur prior to and subsequent to menopause (Menopause begins when a female’s periods have stopped for a year).
Perimenopause is the phase of roughly 4 years where females have these signs. Even though the signs may persist following menopausal period, they decrease.

Hair loss During Menopause Learn what causes it How to stop it !!

Hair loss During Menopause… Learn what causes it & How to stop it !!

Losing huge bunch of hair all these days? Many women have contacted me since past few days and are extremely worried about this hair fall problem during their later ages. It is in fact a very common sign, and is also a very alarming and stressful one.
So, I wanted to give a closer look at the concern as to why hair loss happens during menopause and how to avoid it.
Now, our hair is so essential to all of us. It’s our uttermost beauty. It’s a prime part of who we are and represents out identity; makes us different from others. And I get queries from a lot many women as they are really disappointed and anxious, as their hair begins to change.
Actually it’s a common symptom cropping up in the menopause. So now, I’m going to spread some light on the hopeful ways to minimise this particular condition.
First of all, before beginning, let’s see various areas from where you can lose hair during menopause. These include your head, eyebrows, your eyelashes, underarm hair, your pubic as well as your leg hair. These are the areas that mostly get affected.